"This is an album you have to give yourself to: it's not something you can just put on in the background, as it has too much of a presence for that. It demands to be studied, analysed, dissected - there's enough going on in tracks like closer 'Breathe In' and the majestic 'How You Say' to ensure that new elements of Factory Floor's fascinating tapestry of sound will reveal themselves after 9 or 10 listens.

"It's forceful enough that you'll probably need a cold shower after each of those listens. It's the soundtrack to a disco at the end of the world. It's Factory Floor: unparalleled, uncompromising and pretty much unstoppable."

Last week we gave Factory Floor's debut album a pretty glowing review (9/10 if you're after a score), but just in case you don't believe us, stream it below courtesy of NPR.

The album is released on September 9th via DFA Records.