Fresh from the release of their debut album Seabed last week, Vondelpark have offered up a Factory Floor remix of current single 'California Analog Dream'. This is a band that everyone has been championing and thankfully, they've lived up to expectations. With the original 'California Analog Dream' offering up the moody, bass-heavy side of the three-piece, Factory Floor are able to bring out the disco-fuelled, synth side in them.

Vondelpark are a band that relish their mix of influences, which enables almost anyone to appreciate 'California Analog Dream'. Here, Factory Floor have managed to make a melancholic-pop number into a dance floor anthem, that buries lead singer Lewis Rainsbury's vocals deep inside your chest. The drums act as an introduction to a pulsating crescendo, which results in the kind of dancing that only happens on a Saturday night. A remix that will please the chin-scratchy bystanders whilst still providing the perfect excuse to get up on the dancefloor.