PARTYNEXTDOOR, stage name of Canadian singer Jahron Anthony Brathwaite – who's signed to Drake's label, OVO Sound – made this real nice song called 'Persian Rugs' which is basically foreplay: it's sensual, smooth, sexy. Well, it's been reinvigorated by LA producer Falcons, whose unofficial remix is drenched in just as much, if not more tongue-in-cheek, sensuality.

The vocals are chopped and put in place with faded snippets of synth chord; dynamic pauses in sound dot the track, ornamented with heavy breathing, water droplet sounds and bedspring squeaks – with these things what was previously the kind of end-of-the-world-it's-just-you-n-me romance becomes an illustration of romance, maybe even a caricature, in an intangible post-R&B fragmentation.