Arriving from Looper's newly released album Offgrid:Offline, here's 'Farfisa Song' for your listening pleasure, below.

It's part of a bigger release from the Belle & Sebastian offshoot, These Things: a 5 CD box set (pre-order here) collating their back catalogue with 48 tracks. Alongside the release, scheduled for 13th April, will also be digital releases of all their albums to date, Up A Tree (1999), The Geometrid (2000), The Snare (2002) and the new one, Offgrid:Offline (2014).

Speaking of These Things, Looper said, "For us this box is a repurposed, recycled and renewed work – an attempt to make something new out of something old."

For more information and purchasing options, head on over to Listen to a taster of 5 tracks from These Things underneath the 'Farfisa Song' stream.

  • Offgrid:Offline tracklist:
  • 1. Intro (Down The Lane)
  • 2. What If…?
  • 3. Waiting For Trains
  • 4. Oh, Skinny Legs
  • 5. Offgrid:Offline
  • 6. Farfisa Song
  • 7. I'm A Photograph
  • 8. Images Of The Shipwreck
  • 9. The Lucky Bird
  • 10. Outro (TipToe Home)