It's always lovely to premiere something new. It's even lovelier to premiere something new and good. On that note: here's a premiere of something new and good. Imagine yourself walking up a psychic red carpet of sounds; or better yet, imagine your own ears as the red carpet, your mind as the cinema interior, and what is walking up that carpet and playing on the screen but sounds – beautiful sounds. Be entertained and feel the glamour – this is your private screening!

So, uh, this is YOUTH, a duo from London whose recent track 'Low' did some ear-tickling rounds, getting good press from pretty much everywhere (even France's Les Inrockuptibles). No surprise: it's a healthy portion of low-register R&B bouncement with a sparkly, soulful sheen. A natural winner. But how d'ya top that? Well, what you do, right, is add a few tablespoons of South African producer, Fever Trails. Real name Nicolaas van Reenen, this guy has remixed 'Low' to an absurd degree of amazingness.

Clearly attracted by the lower end of the frequency ladder, the track rumbles, shakes and shudders with juke-speed bass underneath popping synth melody and achingly tangy chords that fizz in your brain and leave a residue of futuristic sensuality, the vocals swimming in shoals around this bubblesome sea of sound. Having already caught the attention of Red Bull Music Academy last year, Fever Trails looks set to grow and grow ; now remixing YOUTH, themselves rather attractive debutantes, he's branching out to the fresh, new audiences of the UK.

Download this track fo free, yo.