I had a feeling that this would be a nice track when I set eyes on the cover created for it. In 3D design style and net art / vaporwave aesthetics, we have a disembodied edifice, specifically a diving board + pool combo, framed in a kinda nowhere zone – in space, maybe. On the internet. Diving in. Diving into the internet… um…?

The actual track is called 'Lonely Planet' and it's by London band Fiction. Taken from their upcoming In Real Life EP, it's a floaty number that combines quirky post-punk vocal warblings with glistening, spaghetti-western-spiced guitars and aqueous synth flavours. To my excitement they actually mention "diving board" in amongst their cryptic lyrics – speaking of splashing in the water, making waves: "We got plans for everyone…" – a touch of self-referential indulgence that works well with their internet-inspired image and subject matter.

The In Real Life EP is out 3rd November on Vaguely Pagan / Tip Top Recordings.