The world stopped turning on Monday for a lot of Nine Inch Nails' fans. The newly shared track 'Everything' was as (electro) pop-punk and Trent Reznor has ever gotten. YouTube comments such as (and I quote): "This is the perfect soundtrack for cruising in your convertible while drinking smoothies en route to pilates class. Can't wait to hear it on Glee." suggested that this was about as far as fans wanted him to go down this road. But the fact is 'Everything' is merely a very OK song, which was massively over produced. Just listen to that chorus again.

So it will come as a great relief to many that ahead of their (nearly) headline shows at Reading and Leeds this weekend, 'Find My Way' comes creeping across your floor, blinking into the daylight. Resting on a dirty bed of crunchy, Bjork-y beats, this is the sound of the ache that a lot of Nine Inch Nails fans love so much.

Of course, 'Everything' might make perfect sense when heard in the context of a full album. For that, you're going to have to wait until 3rd September for the release of Hesitation Marks. 'Find My Way' restores the promise of something special. Even Zane Lowe talking doesn't ruin it. Take a listen below.

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