"Is it possible to come of age so late in the game? Singles comes at that point where a beloved, cult band's upward trajectory is increasingly hard to maintain, and is the album they hope will drive the leap from merely surviving to a more comfortable level of success, financial and otherwise."

That's what we thought of Future Islands' new album, Singles, but what do you think? Listen to the the album below courtesy of NPR and let us know!

The album is releases on March 24th via 4AD.

  • Tracklisting:
  • 01. Seasons (Waiting on You)
  • 02. Spirit
  • 03. Sun in the Morning
  • 04. Doves
  • 05. Back in the Tall Grass
  • 06. A Song for Our Grandfathers
  • 07. Light House
  • 08. Like the Moon
  • 09. Fall from Grace
  • 10. A Dream of You and Me

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