Here is a really nice remix from a Slovakian producer called FVLCRVM. Based in Bratislava, this guy is often remixing stuff to a loveable degree of goodness and it's no different with this latest one.

He takes Sydney musicmaker Beni's deep electro-house track 'Protect' - featuring the joint singing-and-writing abilities of London duo Antony & Cleopatra - and turns it into an entirely different beast. Now, very far from the smart and minimalist beat of the swooshing original, it stands as a hefty serving of footwork (or juke, w/e u wanna call it). Chock-a-block with increasingly wonky synth and lovingly pitch-shifted vocals, it moves between a few dynamic changes in sounds and rhythms - build-ups, slices of breakbeats, slow laid-back sections - and also features a damn nice helping of slap bass for added, luscious funk. The finale is some beautiful mayhem.

"I wish I could play this somewhere in Tokyo one day," FVLCRVM tells me in an email after sending the track to me. It'd go down well, I reckon; the sound is one reminiscent of addictive and flavourful Japanese juke (check PARKGOLF, for instance), showing the spread of sounds across the world - from Japan, to Slovakia, and right here to the UK where I'm writing about this.

FVLCRVM is adding a free download link after the track reaches 100 reposts. At time of writing, it's on 68. Help make our Track of the Day freely available to all the people of the world and repost it!