The back end of last year and the start of this year saw a weird shift. Smooth R&B tinged artists began to become more popular with those that would prefer to listen to their music in a dingy basement club than a banging, lasers-everywhere club. Maybe it was the mainstream appeal of Frank Ocean's full-length debut in the Summer of 2012 that made the indie crowd feel it was acceptable to enjoy smooth R&B but the success and critical acclaim of How To Dress Well's Total Loss and Autre Ne Veut's Anxiety all but cemented this.

The new track from GEMS seems to work as a sort of cross-over; capturing those last few indie stragglers who have yet to accept R&B as something worth their time by throwing on some shoegaze-y guitars and gorgeous vocals. 'Sinking Stone' is a genuinely beautiful track. With vocals like Caroline Polachek or Elizabeth Sankey at their most seductive and dreamy and after dark guitars straight from a Beach House track but with an R&B tinge floating through the background, 'Sinking Stone' is glistening and bright and an absolute joy to behold.