This duo's moniker is clearly Genuis but you'll probably read it as "Genius" many more times than you want to, ironically making you feel a little less than genius about the whole thing. But names aside, I'd like you to have a look at the songs these guys have to offer. Made up of Anthony Michael Leedom and Lien Bao Do, the duo comes from Quebec and makes intense dreamscapes of sound that are bound to ricochet around your mind like uneasy and surreal recollections of a half-dreamt night. This is displayed very nicely in their track 'Flnnl'.

Crackling with record-player nostalgia, the track introduces sharp stabs of synth synchronised with beefy booms of a drum, slow-rain vocal samples and juddering slices of high-register lead synth. The vocals arrive in gusts, heavily reverbed and looming out of mists of emotion, singing cryptically confessional lyrics like "Oh, I want to walk around this place to find my home / I just crawl to feel the same" - or part of the refrain: "Your flannel stains complete me" - in overlapping crescendos of harmony. All the while the beat skips slowly, holding up clouds of noise caught in a dark and tumultuous atmosphere. Labelled as "Dark Tropical" by Genuis themselves, this is unique and experimental stuff, the kind you'd wanna keep your eyes and ears on to see how it develops.

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