New York up-and-comers, Gillian, released their brilliant debut two-song EP on November 12th. 'Freak Flag' features delightfully raucous indie rock, complete with sing-along hooks, explosive guitar work, and a pounding rhythm section.

"We've been playing for about eight or nine months," says co-lead singer Kym Hawkins, an East Tennessee transplant who met Geoff Bennington, the band's other vocalist and guitar player, while apprenticing as a luthier in New York. Rounding out the groups line up is Paul Demyanovich on guitar and keys, Brian Yuracheck on drums, and Alex Federow on bass.

Bennington and Demyanovich grew up in New Jersey, and they've known each other since the fourth grade. Along with Yuracheck, the guys made a name for themselves playing in NY bands.

"Geoff decided to finally start his own project," says Hawkins. Then rest is history. Hawkins innocent-with-a-dash-of-sass coo is a perfect foil to Bennington's raw caterwaul. Demyanovich's over-driven guitar backs their vocals with plenty of energy and flare.

'Freak Flag' was recorded at Smacktone Studios with Matt Maroulakos. Grady Woodruff (Moon Taxi, Sons of Lions) produced. "We're going back to the studio, probably in January," Hawkins says. "We're going to spend the rest of this year writing. We have about 10 songs that we've started."

"We've talked about doing a tour, but right now we want to start playing more in Brooklyn," says Hawkins. 'Freak Flag' is available now at the group's bandcamp page, and is on iTunes and Spotify on Monday.