The original 2001 Janet Jackson release was an easy going, almost twee summer single based on an old America sample (Ventura Highway) and an even older classical piece by Erik Satie. The beats were a diluted version of the kind of thing Timbaland had been dropping with Missy, Destiny's Child and a host of other artists for a while. And don't forget, Janet was single again, and she wanted to sing about it.

Fast forward twelve years and San Francisco-based producer Giraffage has remixed and future-proofed the song, ironically by looking back to a time and sound long before its original release.

The vocal absolutely makes this cut. Slowing down and time-stretching finds new depth of emotion and sensuality that wasn’t apparent the first time around. Synth washes and hand claps build in tempo and intensity and you would be completely forgiven for expecting a four to the floor euro house nightmare. But what you get is pure sex. A layered, half-time 808 groove meshes with warm, flexible bass, wrapping around Janet's vocal and the remix absolutely wins in this moment. 8-bit tones are there late in the mix to make this tune entirely modern, but hearing Janet's vocal against beats dressed up in 80s clothing makes this almost nostalgic.

This will soundtrack Saturday night love affairs all summer. Pour yourself something over ice and step in. Or just listen in your pants. Beautiful.