After soundtracking a coke-fuelled (and not the one that ends up being used as a mixer with some cheap vodka) night of partying in Lena Dunham's semi-autobiographical TV series Girls, Icona Pop are back with the follow up to hands-in-the-air banger 'I Love It', 'Girlfriend'.

'I Love It' was such a surprise hit for the Swedish DJ duo made up of Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo; rocketing up charts in the US and Europe almost immediately after the Season 2 episode of Girls, entitled 'Bad Friend', aired. It was a euphoric club smash that really didn't care at all.

Coming into 'Girlfriend' from the back of 'I Love It', then, is a bit odd. They have essentially turned Tupac Shakur's 'Me And My Girlfriend', famed for its flamenco guitars and somewhat sombre tone, into another catchy club hit to neck your pints of whatever to. Luckily, it isn't a full cover and just finds the duo singing the chorus (famed also for appearing in Jay Z and Beyonce's '03 Bonnie and Clyde') so the tone of the original isn't ruined. The energetic harmonies of Hjelt and Jawo throughout show that they are much less pissed off this time round yet still manage to tame that driving beat that seems to be still be running wild after 'I Love It', creating a much happier track that will no doubt be played in every bar and club ever. You'll probably be totally OK with that though.