Going to a concert by yourself is seen as taboo or even just downright weird, sort of like going to a movie by yourself. Once you get over the inevitable strangeness of it all, going to a gig on your lonesome can actually be pretty refreshing - you don't have to get there early to hear that godawful opening band if you don't want to (or you don't have to stay late), you can truly immerse yourself in the music and not have to worry about anyone else, and you might just make a new friend in the process because hey, you're all there for the same reason, right?

Los Angeles-based duo Girlpool just wrapped up a month-long residency at their hometown venue The Echo, and as a bit of a late Christmas present they've shared a new song encompassing those feelings titled 'Alone at the Show'. It's only two minutes long, which has lead to multiple replays on my end, but it's still every bit as scrappy and raw as their previous releases, which we liked a good amount.

Listen below.

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