It's been three long years since Glasser's experimental pop masterpiece, Ring wormed its way delightfully into our earholes. Now, the wait is finally over and as Cameron Mesirow has announced her second album is to drop in October and gave us a taste of what to expect in the mesmerising 'Shape'.

Everything sits together perfectly, not one element overshadowing the other, merely teetering on the edge of doing so but then holding back so as to let everything have a turn in the spotlight over the enthralling 5 minutes. The production is slick and icy cold, with a rumbling beat and a sub-bass threatening to escape, alongside crystal clear stabbing synths. The comparisons to Bjork here are obvious, and none moreso than in Glasser's soaring vocals which feature the iconic inflections and idiosyncrasies that one would associate with the queen of Icelandic experimental pop. 'Shape' is simply mesmerizingly beautiful and, accompanied by a trippy, almost kaleidoscopic video, it's easy to get lost in this cold yet somewhat personal world.

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