South London foursome Goat Girl have revealed their latest single 'Crow Cries', the first of two new tracks to be released as a single via Rough Trade on August 25th.

The much touted band has spent over a year spent on the road, and this shows on 'Crow Cries', where it is audible that Goat Girl have honed their dynamics and sharpened their edges. Despite their youth (all are 20), the band is keen to distance themselves with things that are often associated with 'millennial' culture. 'Crow Cries' certainly does that, displaying Goat Girl's propensity much more expressive, immersive atmosphere of dark, gloomy and seductive alt-rock.

Hopefully there will be more news about a full-length album to come from Goat Girl in the near future, but for now listen to 'Crow Cries' below.