Summer seems to have ended but that doesn't mean the good vibes have to, right? Upcoming artist Goldn debuts his brand new EP titled, Demos, which marks a farewell to the warmer months of the year. When listening to the three-track EP, a sudden sense of nostalgia will overcome you; like being transported back to the time when you used to play video games on an N64 or PlayStation. The EP itself is a mellow affair, offering listeners respite from the daily labors of life. It's a well-rounded body of work that proves that the use of auto-tune is far from dead.

"I am quite a visual artist and I like pairing music with image or video which is why the project is on a YouTube channel instead of like SoundCloud or something, simply combining audio with a visually pleasing and well-represented image that you can just hit full screen to and listen. All my music feels nostalgic to me. I can hear these tracks in like a '90s movie soundtrack or something. They are like a farewell to the summer that's just ended."

The 22-year-old from Reading may have come out of nowhere but he's definitely an artist to keep tabs on in the near future. It's an EP made for live performances so we can only hope Goldn starts touring soon.