In the wake of an excellent Joel Fear helmed music video for their last single 'Hedre', Wellington, New Zealand based vocal electronica trio Groeni have released their third EP Hinde. Four songs long, it's a deft mixture of psychedelic folk, abstract techno, post dubstep and ambient, as executed by what's grown from a one man bedroom project into a live trio.

Vocalist/lead songwriter Alexander Green's spiritual falsetto is a wonder to listen to, as is the heavily textural synth-structures and club ready beatscapes it's surrounded by. Where on their last release Hewn Green lyrically explored the sadness of the human condition from a place of introspection, this time he's looking at that emotional state from outside the box.

You can purchase Hinde (and their past releases Hewn and Groeni) over at their bandcamp page here. New Zealanders can catch them live at a series of shows around the country this month.