You can't pinpoint Liz 'Grouper' Harris. A mirage of genres, her blend of folk, electronica, metal and pop makes her one of the most exciting and original producers around today. What you can say about her however, is that she always delivers an atmosphere with any artistic offering. Ambient and emotive, her songs always deliver on the affecting front. This mix for FACT magazine pretty much sums up what we all love about Grouper - her ability to take us on a journey.

Put together around the same time as her recent residency at Bristol's Cube, the mix is titled 'Image Of True Death'. Sounds bleak, right? Surprisingly, the mix itself isn't. Despite its dark connotations, Grouper manages to craft a melancholy beacon of hope; full of darkly wondrous melodies, death dialogues and deeply engrossing instrumentation. There isn't a track list for it but that only makes this mix all the more mysterious. An emotional, affecting journey from start to finish, death has never sounded so good.

Listen to the mix over at FACT.