Hailing from the deep and muggy south, Alabama three piece \\GT// air a sound so humid and high-octane it's practically dripping with sweat. 'Something’s Wrong With My Mind' is a full frontal assault of powerful and heady psych.

As menacing as it is frivolous, frontman Scotty Lee's bawl is the sound of unrestrained insanity. The hook 'Something's Wrong With My Mind' is bellowed like a mantra of the damned amidst surges of fuzzed-to-fuck guitar.

Heavy with distortion and an air of uneasiness, \\GT// drive you deep into their hazy atmosphere of noise.

This track can be found on \\GT//'s debut LP, Beats Misplaced (due for release on July 31st via Communicating Vessels), and streamed below.