Late last year, a track hit the 405 inbox that was so bonkers that it was slightly difficult to initially enjoy. I went about my day, doing the usual daily tasks, but only this time, there was something slightly different about everything. The world seemed a garishly bright bubblegum world soundtracked by that song I'd heard that morning, Hannah Diamond's 'Pink & Blue'. So ingrained was that track in my brain that I found myself humming the tune without even realising it. It might've been the sugariest pop you've ever heard but, like mainlining several bars of chocolate in one go, it only made you want more.

Well, now she's back with PC Music labelmate A. G. Cook to pour even more sugary pop into your lugholes. 'Keri Baby' is a bit less crazy than 'Pink & Blue', but only by a little bit. Metallic synths (almost literally it seems, with a sample of what sounds like someone striking an anvil) coupled with random bubbling noises and a thumping bass which could easily be mistaken for your neighbour banging on the wall after you've played this ten times in a row pretty loud make for yet another "I shouldn't like this but I really do" track. Hannah Diamond's vocals are chopped and bent along the way to create what sounds to be a cheerleader's chant put through HAL 9000. It's very hard to dislike a track that has the line "I don't wanna be an mp3 / 320 kbps."

You're one click away from losing that hangover for good. Don't miss out.