Charlotte OC is known for a few things - creating dark, sultry tracks that would pair quite well with a glass of red wine as you sit in front of a roasting fireplace. We first fell in love with her with last year's 'Strange', and tomorrow marks her return with the release of her Burning EP. It features 'If My House Was Burning' and one other new track, 'Off & On', the former of which has a brand new remix from Harrison. He transforms her signature sound into something better suited for the dark atmosphere and bright neon lights of a night club, and it's an absolute banger. You can listen to our exclusive premiere of it below!

  • SXSW Schedule:
  • 3/18 - 6:00 PM - 1100 E. 5th & Waller St. (Live Nation Showcase)
  • 3/20 - 2:30 PM - Palm Door on Sixth (UMGexperience)
  • 3/20 - 8:00 PM - Latitude 30 (Blackjack London Showcase)
  • 3/21 - 8:30 PM- The Main (Check Yo Ponytail Showcase)
  • Tracklist:
  • 1. If My House Was Burning
  • 2. On & On
  • 3. If My House Was Burning (Harrison Remix)
  • 4. If My House Was Burning (Folded Like Fabric Remix)

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