It's safe to say that 2014 was a pretty impressive year from Mancunians Hartheim and with their new track 'When Did Your Last Rose Die' - it looks like 2015 ain't going to be half bad either. Named after a Nazi euthanasia centre, to say their music takes on a slightly sinister edge would be both fair and true and staying with this, the new track is a classic love ballad with a bitter and somewhat dark twist.

Glacial guitars and swirling synths haunt throughout as a somewhat devastating baritone vocal decorates a desolate backdrop - both on a musical and emotional level. The result of which is a haunting yet powerful ballad - with all the effect and despair of a certain 'Nothing Compares 2 U' from Miss Sinead O'Conner (the highest compliment one can pay in this niche sphere of haunting love ballads).

Capturing the essence of the track expertly, watch the music video - which features disused theme parks, certain hypothermia and the consecrated curse of lasting love - below:

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