Gorgon City's 'Ready For Your Love' featuring 19-year-old MNEK is a huge song – sometimes things explode inexplicably (or maybe explicably: perfectly capturing a certain sentiment of the time) and if you're reading this and you don't know the song then it's more your fault than anything else. It is literally HUGE.

Well, anyway, the duo's returned with a new track called 'Here For You' featuring the vocals of Laura Welsh and in its house-framings there are leanings towards trance, in the fluidly Balearic build-ups, and of course towards BASS – lots of it. In the drop these sub-bass bulges brood with a slowdown garage feel, as Laura's vocals sing and in turn shout encore-une-fois-style "I'll be here for you!", positively drenched in summery reverb. If this mix of flavours isn't poised to take over your minds in the coming months, we'll be surprised.