Cornwall-via-Bristol sister duo Annie and Georgie Hockeysmith are so new that even by blog definition that seems like an undersell. Tracking the duo's Soundcloud doesn't even go back one full calender year. In fact, the full change over to music was a fairly recent decision for the two, who are actually good hockey players. Annie even earned a scholarship to play for The University Of Connecticut while playing for England's Under-21 team, ultimately turning it down for the burgeoning music career.

For fans of "Nirvana," "Destiny's Child," and "Christina Aguilera," the kind of music Annie and Georgie produce is fairly deceptive. An apparent second love for shoegaze music, as evident on the band's recently released But Blood EP, shows a furiously experimental element from the two.

But where exactly the supreme affinity for off-the-wall textures and loops came from is illuminated a bit in the duo's recent addition to i-D's Slumber Session mix series. Certainly young, Hockeysmith adore sonic exploration on the session, which also includes some unreleased material from the two.

The duo are apparently at work on a proper full-length debut, which can be expected in the somewhat near future. Stream the i-D session below, which includes a full tracklist.

  • Hockeysmith Slumber Session Mix Tracklist:
  • The Durriti Column - Portrait For Frazer
  • Hockeysmith - Rocket On
  • Aphex Twin - Domino
  • Delia Derbyshire (Radiophonic Workshop) - Pot Au Feu
  • Gas - 02
  • Leftfield - Melt
  • Hockeysmith - Rain Field Recorder
  • Conet project - German Lady
  • Girls Names - The New Life (A JD Twitch Optimo remix)
  • Lunar Jupiter - Clematis
  • Kieron Pepper (Radiophonic Workshop / volkano) - Spare Of Hope

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