Holly Herndon's new track 'Interference' arrives in the form of a video; namely a lyric video for a song without lyrics.

The words are like a manifesto for the future spoken in cryptic couplets (mostly), for instance, "the personal, / is geopolitical" and "the future, a (broken) flag / over the borders" and "we will find an exit, / new ways to love." They punctuate the abstract nature of the video and the explosive, urgent electronica of Herndon's juddering disoriented track with poised question marks.

It's taken from her upcoming album, Platform, out 18th May. Find the tracklist below.

  • Platform tracklist:
  • 1. Interference
  • 2. Chorus
  • 3. Unequal
  • 4. Morning Sun
  • 5. Locker Leak
  • 6. An Exit
  • 7. Lonely At The Top
  • 8. DAO
  • 9. Home
  • 10. New Ways To Love