London's Holy '57 have been ticking away nicely for some time, already with a clutch of songs and EPs released, but the upcoming L mini-album may well be the most accomplished Holy '57 release yet, judging from lead single 'Water // Chrome'.

The new song takes musical cues from acts like Vampire Weekend, but the thing that makes 'Water // Chrome' most compelling is the way that it interweaves the themes of mixed race and culture into its irrepressibly sunny sound. Singer Alex Mankoo grew up in the UK, but is of Indian and Greek descent, and has decided to try to tackle the clashing of these various cultures in this pristine pop package. Mankoo says of the song “I like the idea that when water and chrome come together, they create something dazzling and beautiful when the light hits. And I thought it was nice to think about that being possible for me too, that my mixed race heritage can be something beautiful and something unique in and of itself rather than this constant balancing act of not knowing where I fit.”

Listen to 'Water // Chrome' below.

Holy '57 have also collaborated with filmmaker Poppy Illsley to make a video for 'Water // Chrome', which follows around Mankoo as he sings in various disparate places from up in trees in his local park to the living room of his Indian grandmother and ends up washed out to sea. Watch it below.