It's that time of year again, the clocks have gone back and the feeling of waking up in daylight is finally upon us. And just on cue, House of Wolves returns with 'Take Me to the Others', which is akin to a Spring sunrise - albeit in musical form. Taken from his new LP Daughter of The Sea - which drops on April 7th via {Dusk, Dais, Dawn} - the opening track is a mesmerizingly haunting and delicate exploration of memories gone, which effortlessly drifts and grinds you down to the very core.

A lone wolf and California native, House of Wolves (aka Rey Villalobos) shows that it only takes one guitar and one person to produce some of the most beautiful music to appear in 2015 thus far. Produced by Darragh Nolan (Blooms/Sacred Animals) at his studio on the east coast of Ireland, the sparse arrangement perfectly matches its rural birthplace and with seven further songs to appear on the new LP, it's safe to say that this album will leave you chilled to the bone.