Let's be truthful here. Most of us, when we're hungover, usually spend our morning writhing around in bed, feeling sorry for ourselves. Flicking through the channels feels like you need the endurance of an Olympic runner to find anything other than food, something which will most definitely make your stomach queasier still. Your head pounding like a techno rave turned up to 11, you try to make sense of what these people with Kevin McCloud actually want to make. A house underneath a street in London to save room on the surface? It's too early for this nonsense. Even scrolling through Twitter or Facebook is enough to send you a bit dizzy. A couple of paracetamol down the hole and you just climb back into bed to see if you can sleep the rest off.

Tom Krell aka How To Dress Well does far more than that and puts most of us to shame. While we sit there trying to watch James Martin and co try and cook for their special guest without our stomachs churning, he decides to make a 45 minute mixtape. "ok i woke up super hungover today and made this mix of songs," Krell posted. His hungover vocals can be heard on numerous tracks including Drake's 'Hold On, We're Going Home', Kanye's 'Hold My Liquor', and Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball'. Alongside this, the tracklist includes M.I.A., GG Allin, and Ryan Hemsworth's remix of Future.

Whether it works as an effective hangover aid is yet to be seen, but you can listen to it below anyway.

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