How To Dress Well, aka Tom Krell, is streaming his new album "What Is This Heart?" in full. Hump day? What hump day?

The follow-up to 2012's Total Loss is one of our favourite releases of the year so far ('Repeat Pleasure' is a solid 10/10), so we recommend pressing play right away.

You can listen to the album by heading to his official website. "What Is This Heart?" is released on June 23/24.

  • Tracklisting:
  • 1. 2 Years On (Shame Dream)
  • 2. What You Wanted
  • 3. Face Again
  • 4. See You Fall
  • 5. Repeat Pleasure
  • 6. Words I Don't Remember
  • 7. Pour Cyril
  • 8. Precious Love
  • 9. Childhood Faith In Love (Everything Must Change, Everything Must Stay The Same)
  • 10. A Power
  • 11. Very Best Friend
  • 12. House Inside (Future Is Older Than The Past)