Another day, another HudMo track. This time around the Scottish musicmaker's teamed up with Jhene Aiko for the triumphal and epic 'Resistance', taken from upcoming album Lantern.

Already heard from the album (which is out 16th June) is the soul-sampling 'Ryderz' and the Irfane-featuring 'Very First Breath'; there was also a video for 'Scud Books' dropped into our laps recently, after news of a HudMo mix (feat. unreleased material) for Radio 1.

Some of his words regarding the new album found their way onto the press release: "This album is everything I’ve been working towards. I wanted to make a classic - at least for me and my friends. I never wanted to be any genre. I wanted to be my own thing. Everything."

Listen to 'Resistance' below.