The mixing of genres I'm sure has always been a thing, but it just seems that right now it's more prevalent than ever. The genres mixed together seem to be more disparate than ever, like mixing a cute pastel sketch with a monochrome photo of cold, hard industry at work. That is at least the impression that I get; and in particular, it's the impression I get from this fabulous new track from enigmatic musicmaker Hunt for the Breeze called 'Wishes'.

Combining spacey soft vox-synth melodies, the kind that would sit right at home in an eerie 16-bit platformer, with tribal-flavoured juke rhythms, it's a dark, rumbling journey of a track that burrows right into your brain. Dynamic plays a big part, pauses in the music, the muffling of sounds and intense roller-coaster build-ups making for an exciting listen. Then you have all the exquisite accoutrements: far-off sounds, makeshift percussive clinks and clanks, squeaky hi-hats, shivering shakers, and that set of sampled breaths panting that prod the heart and signal desire and fear.

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