When it's stripped back, authentic and not over-produced, hip-hop beats are possibly the nicest in the world. As such, 'I Hate Football (Postseason Struggle)' by New Jersey beatsmith Sam Cadet is infused with a collection of simple niceties that lend it hip-hop's oxymoronic laid-back swagger – a kinda controlled aggression twinned with dreamy yet down-to-earth beauty.

Seemingly inspired by the latest American football season, and how "turrible" it was, the track reads like an oldschool beat-tape, the perfect cure for the kind of melancholy that descends on all fans of any team of any sport following a loss. Hefty boom bap beats roll with a crumbly sub-bass locked to the distant thudding kicks, insta-perfection chimes on loop create an icy effervescence alongside variegated sampled vox dropped in with aplomb. This is a retro hit, the kind that you could have on loop in your office (if you have one) for a eyes-half-closed yet wholly-with-it appeal, your very own day-to-day soundtrack.