Shortly after releasing his newest full-length album Savage Hills Ballroom, Youth Lagoon (Trevor Powers) went right back to the recording studio, crafting a few more tracks in the mould of the LP. From those sessions, Powers has unveiled the previously unreleased 'I've Seen', which can be streamed below.

On the work, Powers writes:

"Throughout the months I worked on Savage Hills Ballroom, I became possessed by a concept. If we had the ability to accept our blemishes, seeing that it's our fuck ups & flaws that make us distinct & force us to advance as individuals & as a society, we could start understanding each other. The world swims in judgement. It makes us feel good to think someone else is worse than us. We're born into this mindset - & much of it is rooted in self-loathing rather than merely learning from our weaknesses. We bury who we really are because we don't think anyone will accept us. SHB is grounded in satire. It is a microcosm of a perfect society, decorated in gold & elegance to serve as a mockery of how we present ourselves to those around us. I wrote "I've Seen" as a farewell song to this ballroom..just gonna stay a while longer. See you outside. +++ WASTING 4 U +++"

Listen to 'I've Seen' below.