An early demo version of the Ice Cube-penned N.W.A. protest song 'Fuck tha Police' has surfaced on YouTube. "This is part of the original Solo Fuck the Police track Ice Cube wrote," reads the video's description. "There are 3 verses that were unreleased. This not a reference track. Ice Cube had 3 original verses."

In an interview with Billboard earlier this year, Ice Cube talked about the track in the context of N.W.A. biopic, Straight Outta Compton.

"We wanted to show that when we did a song like "Fuck Tha Police" that it wasn't just about us, it wasn't just about what happened to us. It was more of an anthem for people to be able to fight back and to have a song they can all rally around that feels the same way they feel. We wanted to show that our music had an impact on the community as a whole."

And it seems nothing has changed.

Listen below.