Few labels have the instant curiosity caveat that Flying Lotus's Brainfeeder label has accrued. The fantastically eclectic label already produces the work of the aforementioned Flying Lotus, along with his litany of pet projects and young upstarts, including Kamasi Washington, Jeremiah Jae, Lapalux, Thundercat, Teebs, and many, many more. And the newest to join the fray, UK producer Iglooghost, seems to have the instant gravitation that Flying Lotus usually generates.

The 18-year-old producer's four-track debut EP Chinese Nü Year features the killer new 'Gold Coat', which brandishes the dreamscape vocals of cult favorite Cuushe. The track unfurls into a PC Music-like romp of chromed out energy and hazy compression, with Cuushe's lofty vocal play cushioning the background like a warm safety blanket.

Listen to 'Gold Coat' below and pre-order Iglooghost's debut EP today on iTunes and the Ninja Tune store before its October 30th release.