Tumblr queen du jour Charli XCX has been recruited by up-and-comer J£ZUS MILLION. The Boston producer may only be nineteen, but he's already been dabbling with heavyweights – including producing some of the best cuts on Miss XCX's mixtape, SUPER ULTRA. He's now set to start creating his own music on a grander scale – the first hint of this being 'Illusions Of', which will feature on his debut mixtape coming this July. The track will also feature on a compilation his label is putting out, Double Denim Vol. 1, on – yep, you guessed it – Double Denim. The single is also going to be available on "super-exclusive" vinyl at the Independent Label Markey July 13th an Old Spitalfields, to raise money for Oxfams's Syria Appeal.

'Illusions Of' is a creaking behemoth of supernatural synthpop. Shimmering beats skim across taut bass and screwy electro samples; Charli XCX's breathy, red-light-district tones are sliced apart like a cadaver in a medical school. It's a bold cut, full of pomp and ego: "Rhinestone roses for a rhinestone cowgirl/I want to be the centre of your whole world." sings XCX between raspy gasps and jagged staccato pitch-shift stabs. It's melodramatic, but utterly glorious. The post-dubstep percussion clicks and bounces, rarely adhering to a stringent itinerary, but providing knee-trembling rhythms nonetheless.

Stream 'Illusions Of' below.

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