Not too long after her separation from Hype Williams, Inga Copeland is readying her newest LP. Today, via Benji B's BBC Radio 1 show, she debuted the first track from her upcoming Because I'm Worth It record, which features Actress.

Unfortunately because it's still relatively new, you'll have to head over to the BBC Radio 1 site to get a listen to 'Advice To Young Girls', which comes in nearly a quarter-way through today's show. But if you're into Copeland and Kate Bush, well then this might be perfect for you.

Copeland's Because I'm Worth It will be released this May. Check out the official tracklist for the record below.

  • 1. Faith OG X
  • 2. advice to young girls (ft. Actress)
  • 3. insult 2 injury
  • 4. Serious
  • 5. Fit 1
  • 7. Inga
  • 8. l’oreal