Fort Romeau, the music project of Mike Greene (producer and ex-keyboard player for La Roux), has just announced that he'll be releasing a new album.

Called Insides, it'll arrive courtesy of Ghostly on 31st March.

Mr. Greene explained some of the thinking behind the new release.

"I really wanted to move away from sampling as the principal methodology and concentrate on composition not only in the traditional sense of melody, harmony and rhythm but also really considering the textural and concrete nature of the sounds."

Here is the title track from the album, a soft and dusty disco / progressive house number, a song that crawls with whooshing wind-synth noises, thuds with bio-mechanic quality, triumphal horn sounds issuing forth above the delicate electronic piano chords. The hi-hats skitter more, synths rise up howling around two-thirds of the way in, bubbling bleeps seeing us out before the ornamenting elements are removed towards the end of the track.

Pre-order Insides at the Ghostly Store.

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