Brooklyn trio WYour text to have been praised, among many things, for fully forming the inescapable bond that indie music has with pop. The outfit's litany of singles leading up to their full-length debut Don't You have crossed that grey threshold, functioning solely as a pop outfit without any frills or overwrought production. Consider it a case of popism in the flesh, but Wet has people genuinely excited.

Following the video debut for 'Weak', the band introduced the opener for the new album with 'It's All In Vain'. And much like the previous work, 'It's All In Vain' shares the same emotional aesthetic, opting for singer Kelly Zutrau carefully opening her emotions with a soft framework provided by the rest of the band. Cheesy, sure, but for the unabashed pop fan in everyone Wet fits its niche exceptionally well.

Listen to 'It's All In Vain' below.