Seattle-based producer J'Von celebrates 4,000 followers on SoundCloud by doing what he does best - dropping some fire.

Froyo Ma provides the delicate singing vocals while J'Von himself does the beats and the raps on 'the escape from the evil queen'. It's a rather outlandish, off-beat production lined with some rich keys and bubbly drums that make for a most delightful listening experience. There's an elaborate story behind the track and the title as explained in the description:"long, long ago in recent times, in a distant land not to far from here lied a fortress ran by an evil queen. being lured in by sweet nothings, catman was took captive, and was bombarded with eggs hourly. it was solely up to froyo ma to rescue him & he was successful at infiltrating the fortress. however, doing so sent the area in "code RED", and with no time for catman to even put his pants on, the duo began their escape."

There's more music from J'Von on his Bandcamp page including his most recent release, the no emotions EP, so feel free to drop a couple of dollars over there if you're into it.