It's time for a bit of pop maths: What do you get when you add two dance masters with one half of a band who released a surprisingly brilliant album last year? The answer is one of the best summer anthems of 2013. It has reached that time of the year when everyone under the sun is releasing a euphoric arms in the air banger to soundtrack everyone's Summer, but only a select few can get the formula right.

Pairing up Alex Metric, who is often found hiding in the background making tunes everyone loves but no-one knows who made it, with Jacques Lu Cont aka dance master Stuart Price aka that one off of Les Rythmes Digitales is already a fantastic idea, but then throwing Malin from Niki & The Dove on vocals is an inspired choice.

'Safe With You' manages to utilise each of its collaborators; not one of then feels like a spare part. The choice of Malin Dahlstron also manages to do something your typical chart banger never manages to do: sound beautiful. Her soaring Scandinavian vocals makes 'Safe With You' something different to the rest of the EDM driven club bangers, and it's this that makes it so unique and exciting to listen to.

Following the formula of slow burning start to euphoric outro, 'Safe With You' ticks all the boxes for a tune you would most definitely want to soundtrack your sun-drenched BBQ this summer. [via Popjustice]