Netherlands label Atomnation has revealed the newest work from Catalan producer/musician Sau Poler, with the pulsing and gravitating 'Jaffe House', via his forthcoming EP Memorabilia. The EP is set to arrive April 29th digitally and on 12".

"Memorabilia is like a link between past and present," Poler says. "The result of this project is a transition that remains back and forth during the creation of it. Unintentionally, I've been influenced for what I've done with my old project Pablie and for the nowadays electronic incursions that Sau Poler is taking me on. I've start to experiment more and more with electronic sounds, and feeling really excited about that. It's the reason I've decide to invest on new equipment, aiming to work on longer song structures that can lay on different spots during the track length. 'Jaffe House', 'Esperits' or 'Gone' are a good example of that.

Listen to 'Jaffe House' below and pre-order Memorabilia today via Bandcamp.

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