Melati Malay and Isaac Emmanuel, the cross-continental duo more formally known as Young Magic, have returned with the first new track from their anticipated third album Still Life with the dynamic 'Lucien'.

The new album is partly compromised of lush field recordings from Java, Indonesia, the town where Malay grew up. The new aesthetic venture, Malay explains, came from the loss of her father:

"My father had been somewhat of a mystery to me," Malay says. "How did a boy from the Midwest end up in the jungles of Borneo during the '60s, trading his watch and a carton of cigarettes for the gravestones of the indigenous headhunters? ... I've always felt torn, like some kind of hybrid existing between two worlds. Born to a Catholic father and a Muslim mother, growing up bilingual, attending an international school in Jakarta where all my friends were from different countries ... in a city of 30 million people where the clash between poverty and affluence is extreme."

Listen to 'Lucien' below and pre-order Still Life today on iTunes before its May 13th arrival on Carpark Records..