A change of scenery can have such a drastic effect on an artist. Take Jake McMullen for example: the singer-songwriter moved to Nashville two years ago from Los Angeles (the reigning kingdom of pop music) - a move which saw the artist experimenting with electronics (a pretty drastic change when compared to the lush landscape of Tennessee.) But soon enough something more authentic began to take shape; he was able to escape the doom of being pigeonholed as another folk-country crooner trying to make it in the South's capital. Thus, the tracks comprising Jake's upcoming EP, Giving Up, began to take shape.

And here we are with McMullen’s latest single, 'Falling'.

While the music keeps his beloved baritone croon, the composition is what raises the stakes. With a solid foundation - the electronics, keys, and glittery guitar flutter and swirl for a fuller, lo-fi take on pop. Jake credits the success of this sound to his partners Dabney Morris (drums/percussion). Molly Parden (vocals), Kevin Dal y (guitar/synthesizer), and Micah Tawlks (bass).

For Jake, 'Falling' is about "self-realization and coming to terms with the fact that you can’t disguise how you feel, no matter what you may do to try and hide it." He adds: "The song is inherently very dark and moody but it was a lot of fun to experiment and usher in these elements to the song that elevated the funk and groove of it all."

Get listening below.

You can catch Jake McMullen on some upcoming tour dates opening for Birdtalker:

March 1-Birmingham @ Syndicate Lounge
March 2-Atlanta @ Eddie's Attic
March 3-Nashville @ Mercy Lounge