Bristol based singer/songwriter Javeon has been contributing to the underground scene in his hometown for a number of years. His club connections led him to working with the likes of L-Vis 1990 and Julio Bashmore, releasing early material under his full Javeon McCarthy moniker with a then newly-launched PMR Records. In 2013, he dropped his surname and amped up the releases having spent much of his time working on new material with Tourist, MNEK and the earlier mentioned Bashmore, who he has since plucked up a long standing working relationship.

After a brief hiatus spent in the studio continuing to refine his sound, Javeon is preparing to release his debut EP later this year with contributions from the likes of Bashmore and Two Inch Punch as well as London based producer Zack The Lad, who he worked with on EP teaser 'Crazy', which sees Javeon take on a classic R&B number. Speaking via email he said, "This teaser track came about by me not having any music to write to at the time. I'm a big Blackstreet fan so I put the a capella down in my home studio, backed it up with backing vocals and sent it over to this producer I've been working with called Zack The Lad. I'm aware this sound is different to my releases last year, but this EP is a truer reflection of who I am and what my music should sound like. I love what I did last year and who I worked with, but as cheesy as it sounds I think I've finally found what it is I've been trying and wanting to do!"

A four-track EP is expected to be released later this year.