Some utterly flowful unda-da-sea sounds here, though it's much less Sebastian (Little Mermaid, duh) and much more drifting-over-the-Mariana-Trench-after-a-spell-of-moonlit-skinny-dipping. Yep, this is the soulful, lullaby-like sound of Chicago singer Jean Deaux's latest, 'Into The Water'.

Her voice, something between rippling silk and a rich whisper, trails caressingly over glistening guitars, over subsurface heart-thumps of kick, like a hand loosely skimming the surface of the sea; the production from THEMpeople is ultra-chilled. Fellow Chicagoan TheMIND (aka Zarif Wilder) lends a rich rap to the track, making this a moody midnight ménage à trios for your eardrums. As Sebastian rightly sang: "Down where it's wetter, that's where it's better, take it from me."

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