It seems by the time September 16th gets around, Jeff Tweedy's entire solo LP Sukierae will already be out. Prior to the release of his newest track, 'Flowering', Tweedy debuted 'Summer Noon', 'Wait For Love', 'Low Key', 'High As Hello', 'Naked Fur Coat', and 'Diamond Light Pt. 1'.

On top of the mountainous releases, Tweedy and his son Spencer (along with guitarist Jim Elkington, bassist Darin Gray, and Liam Cunningham on keys) are about to step out on their second leg of tour dates, stretching into November. In between, Tweedy's slightly more famous Wilco will also host a string of tour dates, which the band assures "isn't" a full tour.

Fans familiar with the Chicago singer-songwriter vet won't have to venture far to find a comfortable ease with the free flowing grace of 'Flowering'. The simple, earnest effort is profoundly Tweedy, with a spattering of DIY flavor. Listen to it below, get a handle of the pre-released Sukierae on Soundcloud, and look out for the LP September 16th on Tweedy's dBpm label.

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