What can only be described as a Norway Super-Team, Jenny Hval and Susanna will be premiering their 2009 live collaboration Meshes Of Voice as an LP next month.

The two artists recorded the experimental and lofty effort at the Henie Onstad Arts Centre, alongside Jo Berger Myhre and Anita Kaasbøll. In the original recordings is 'I Have Walked This Body', an alarming and arresting blending of experimental grit and breathtaking composition. The elements Hval and Susanna merge together are, in a word, otherworldly, combing high intensity electronics and swooping crescendos. It creates an epic promise if nothing else for the rest of Meshes Of Voice.

The LP will be released on Susanna's label SusannaSonata, August 15th in Norway and Germany, on the 18th in the UK, and 19th in the U.S. Stream 'I Have Walked This Body' below in the mean time.